fully carved with removable neck

CONTRABBASSO is a fully carved Italian bass made in the tradition of the old masters, and technically improved in setup and solutions for the modern player. For its sound quality, it is suitable for professional players and for accompanying graduating students into their professional lives. It may be either an orchestral or a solo instrument.

We designed CONTRABBASSO with the idea of meeting a musician's contemporary needs of amplification, easy transport, and optimal playability. For this reason, we chose an inherently sturdy cornerless gamba shape. We implement on-request reliable solutions to make it travel, including a removable neck, and in-board concealed electronics. Adjustable string tension, end pin angle, and weight balance make it very comfortable to play.

Our master luthiers use first choice tone woods and crafting techniques that have withstood the test of time. CONTRABBASSO is also a traditional instrument for the fact that we allow time to play a role in the building and finishing process. Our instruments are built to last a lifetime and become antiques.

CONTRABBASSO has a removable neck and rib, which gives hand access to the sound post. Neck and fingerboard are secured and locked in the sound box for extra portability. Its flight case is ultra flat (13¼ inches) and made of an antiriot transparent polycarbonate for the traveler's peace of mind.

How to buy

CONTRABBASSO is currently available in the USA.

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