maple solid body

babySOLID is a mature synthesis of the AlterEGO's EUB experience. It is a highly portable, responsive instrument that provides a fully rounded bass sound and feel. It is a solid body bass that especially excels in high volume performances.

babySOLID recreates an exact double bass feel with a well scooped fingerboard, smooth neck, and refined setup of bridge and fingerboard arc. Its string length is 41 inches, and it has adjustable string action/neck angle. Upper bout removable parts adjust to provide personalized ergonomics and preserve the correct body contact points.

AlterEGO's multi-source, active multi-modal pickup system gives its basses an unparalleled tonal versatility. The resonance of a conceptualized maple solid body with a traditional bridge and strings is picked up under both bridge feet by a polymeric film and by an electrostatic transducer at the bridge hole. babySOLID is easy to use and performance-ready thanks to its build-in preamp, headphones amplifier, and balanced buffered output.

babySOLID weights about 11 lbs and comes with a padded, water-proof cordura bag. All instruments are built with removable neck for increased portability. An optional carry-on bag 39½ in. long can be used when the neck is removed.

babySOLID comes with many options. Standardly available are an adjustable tripod w/ bag, a travel bag for carrying the bass when the neck is removed, an adjustable knee-rest removable part, and the Hipshot Ultralite Bass tuning machines.

How to buy
babySOLID is currently available in the USA for in-store and at home tryouts.

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