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We import the ALTER EGO instruments from Italy to make them more affordable and locally available in the USA. We combine Italian craftsmanship and tradition with American customer-oriented standards of care and business expectations.
Our work is the result of research, teamwork, and unconditional commitment to quality.

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UPRIGHT BASSES delivering the full palette of acoustic experience

ALTER EGO basses are designed with every detail respecting traditional construction principles. The babySOLID, the BASSO, and the CONTRABBASSO are crafted to provide each musician with their distinctive sound and playing style.

    • maple solid body EUB
    • high volume performance
    • highly portable


    • carved spruce top EUB
    • hollow body
    • dual preamp


    • fully carved traditional
    • removable neck
    • ultra-flat flight case


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What musicians say about us

  • “I think it's a great instrument, and what's cool is that anyone who plays one ends up agreeing. AlterEGO should be the bass of choice.”

    Rick McLaughlin, Assistant Chair, Jazz Department, New England Conservatory of Music, School of Prep and CE
  • “Of all the EUB's I've demo-ed, the Alter Ego Basso far outperforms the competition, in both sound and playability! I will definitely recommend it as a viable option to other bassists looking for a great travel option.”

    Amy Shook, Jazz Bassist, Washington, D.C.
  • “The basso is more than I could ask for in an electric upright. It sounds rich and full, while offering great versatility in its setup. And, it's portable! A great investment for the traveling bassist.”

    Micah Jones, Bass Department Chair, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia
  • “I have been interested in electric basses since the late sixties, your updated technology to me is absolutely brilliant. Your instrument is the Stradivarius of the bowed electric basses.”.

    Gary Karr, 2002
  • “The Alter Ego Basso is Amazingly Awesome! The Alter Ego is the closet to the Double Bass in sound and in feel that I’ve ever experienced. In fact, occasionally, I catch myself looking at the Alter Ego to make sure I’m not playing my Double Bass.”

    Harvey Estrada, Director of Music at El Camino College and Freelance Studio Session Bassist in L.A., CA
  • “It was such a pleasure watching my students enjoy playing on your Alter Ego. The jazzers in the class were amazed with its flexibility and no one could get over the quality of the bowed sound."

    Gary Karr, 2003